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Let’s Celebrate Your 30th Birthday

at 2012.03.13
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There are some people who fear turning 30 years old. Turning 30 for them means everything in their lives will be examined under a microscope to see what they have achieved. Turning 30, however, does not mean the beginning of a potbelly, love handles and wrinkles. Considerably, being 30 signifies that you have revealed who you are and know what you want out of life. This indeed should be celebrated

 Here are some ideas that you can have for the celebration.

30th If there would be a lot of guests who would be attending the party, you can celebrate this 30th birthday by reflecting upon his life with a through-the-years party theme. For menu, you could have stations presenting various foods for each location. One would have childhood foods like sandwiches, macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets. The other one would be teen foods like pizza, French fries, and soda. Early adult station would have noodles, pasta, and cheap beer. The last station is the current-era station which presents sophisticated, mature food like sushi, mixed drinks, and others.

Thirty Clues and a Night Out, an Amazing Race type of party, is another way to celebrate this 30th year. In order to make a great deal out of a 30th birthday, you can plan an all-night affair at 30 different places. Clues would be left in each place. These clues that lead the honoree to the next destination should contain details about the next destination. Make sure that each place should have a momentous meaning to the honoree. Location ideas may include the schools the birthday person had attended, a much loved hang-out site as a teen, a house where the honoree once lived in, the church the person got married in or the university where they attended. At each location, you may also leave a pleasurable fact, memory, explanation for the location, and/or a picture of the honoree when they were a child or teenager. You may end the big night out at a preferred club or café for big slice of his 30th birthday cake.

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